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В наличии 16 шт. 150 $


- The project/sellers with more than 3 advertisements on large forums are allowed to advertise.
- We have the right to refuse you advertising, without giving reasons.
- If at the time of advertising on our project your service is blocked due to arrest / fraud - we reserve the right to suspend advertising and keep your funds without the right to return.
- At the time of advertising, at our request, you must give us 1 activated account to your store (without balance). After advertising, the account may be blocked.
- If your domains or contacts are blocked, we recommend that you contact us. We will update the information as soon as possible. - The first person who pays for advertising (regardless of the period) gets the first place in the list. If the advertisement is extended on time, the place is saved. If you didn't have time to pay and your ad disappeared, the previous one takes your place. With the new payment, you become at the end of the advertising list.
- In case of insults/threats or disrespectful attitude towards our team, we reserve the right to block your advertising without the right to a refund.